Thursday, October 3, 2013

New dress from Ivey Abitz!

I've been trying to work on my style, and I started adding things to my Pinterest style page that I would like to integrate into how I dress. Then I started trying to move in that direction. I sewed an overcoat type thing that was definitely influenced by Ivey Abitz, but it's a little on the snug side regrettably so I'll have to wait to wear it. Or wear it only over a tank top.

Then I bought something inexpensive - too inexpensive - on Etsy that came from China. I felt weird about it. Knowing it was way too cheap, especially on the heels of sewing my own similar item, I had visions of a sweatshop somewhere and me contributing to keeping people chained to sewing machines. I hope that is not what is happening. But I can tell you you do get what you pay for; in this case, the thing arrived with chalk marks still on it, on the outside no less, with a weird lace-up thing in the sleeves that was cleverly hidden from view in the Etsy listing, and a top button that popped off the first time I tried to put it on a hanger.

After much consideration, biting of lip, and coveting, I decided to take the plunge and I bought a real Ivey Abitz garment. If you aren't familiar with her designs, she is very rooted in oldie fashionedie influences, but if you sprinkle them in with modern day clothes, it can be a very nice effect. Sprinkling is required as they are expensive.

It took a while for it to arrive (5 weeks). But when it did, it was worth an actual unboxing! It began with a hand written and flourish-graced thank you note atop sculpted tissue paper packing material, and the box with the dress inside nestled in more tissue packing:

The dress - an apron, almost, or frock - is a little wrinkled in these photos but very nicely made. I need to iron it a bit before wearing. It's a little heavy for this resurgent summer weather we're having this October, but if we ever get cold temps again, I'll definitely break it out and give it a lot of wear.

I don't know what is up with that weird pose I'm sporting. Also, my husband will freely admit he is a very reluctant, lazy, and thus terrible photographer. I need to work out a better solution for taking blog photos - perhaps I'll have to break out the tripod and do it myself.

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